ABX Solution® – we will become number 1 in the sector!

ABX Solution® – we will become number 1 in the sector! As we well know, transport services are one of the basic logistics services – it concerns; it is related to transportation of a load from A to B. However, underneath this seemingly simple formulation there is a complexity of interconnected processes that confer the necessary mobility in time and space; and its rational coordination requires the best specialists and years of experience. They ensure free flow of goods and semi-finished products from shipper to consignee, creating integrated supply chains.dd


We are proud and honoured that our company ABX Solution® has been honoured by Puls Biznesu – one of the most reliable and respected information services on the economy, markets and business. In the article ‘We have set our course, we will become number 1 in the sector,Puls Biznesu describes our history, mission, vision and values that guide our business. ABX Solution®we will become number 1 in the sector!


In this article you will also find interesting information about our transport, freight forwarding and logistics services, which are offered as part of both the national and international markets. You will find out what our future plans are and what goals we want to set for the near future. You will also read about our successes, the awards we have won recently all the time passionately providing the best solutions for the transport industry.


From the very beginning, we have had one goal in mind – to be the best company on the Polish market for Transport, Forwarding and Logistics (TSL) services.

The history of the ABX Solution® in a nutshell:

From One Man to a Dynamic Team!   📈

Our story began in July 2019; this was the time sole proprietorship started, and today we are a dynamic limited partnership.

Our head office is located in Włocławek, with a branch office in Poznań.

We have continuously pursued our vision of growth for almost five years, providing the highest level of service.

The services provided by ABX Solution®: 🚚

  • full truck transport,

  • coasting transport,

  • general cargo transport,

  • express transport,

  • ADR transport

We operate extensively in Poland, the European Union and beyond.

transport logistyka spedycja BLOG ABX SOLUTION NUMER 1 W BRANZY TSL

👥 Our Team: Driving Company Success👥

At ABX Solution®, we believe that employees are our greatest strength. Our team is a group of persons passionate in the TSL industry, always ready to develop and acquire new knowledge. We foster innovation and strengthen team spirit, attaching importance to professionalism, responsibility and mutual respect. We are going for the pole position in the industry! Check out our previous entry where the ABX Solution® was announced as one of the elite Business Gazelles <here>.

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